About Us

Imagine a world of infinite grey and copy-pasted offices. Nearly awe-inspiring in its complete lack of personality. That’s what things look like before we arrive and start throwing colours around (or so we’ve heard).

Our team brings an unconventional passion to our work, infusing every inch with creativity while still delivering unbeatable functionality – all within your schedule. You might say we professionally colour outside the lines.

That attitude isn’t just to our work, either. We go above and beyond for the causes we believe in, like finding and promoting environmentally sustainable solutions and products. We are constantly working to make the world a little brighter and more colourful – literally and metaphorically.

A Cool, Creative & Colourful World

From doodles on the back of napkins to Olympic-sized installations (no, really, we’ve done that), we can elevate any graphic project from inception to completion.

We’re always looking for an excuse to use the latest cool technology, so regardless of the size or specs of each new design, we’ll get the best tools in the business to bring it to life.

Our clients – when they’re not busy being ridiculously awesome – know that they will get an exciting, unparalleled experience every time they send a project our way, because under this ebullience and personality, there is a team of dedicated perfectionists. It means every piece we work on instantly becomes the most important thing in the world, and it means each one is covered with a comprehensive warranty.

The Halls of Eternal Colour
(aka "The Office")

Identit-y (With a Why)

We do what we do because we know that there’s always room to do more. That there are colours beyond the 64 crayons in the box. On every canvas, on every wall and within every dry-erase marker, there longs something that waits to be created, and our job is to let it out.

Our core desire is to push the limits of what you envision for your project, and bring you the best possible combination of design and capabilities. Your imagination can produce a masterpiece that has never been attempted before – and we’re here to ensure it becomes something real, right before your eyes. So you keep dreaming, and we’ll keep doing.