No More Window Pains

Glass is common throughout every building nowadays – but that doesn’t mean yours has to be like everyone else’s. Our glass treatments can personalize your space, show off your values, and advertise your certified-funky art skills to employees and clients alike.

Choose what you need to get your desired level of privacy, safety, and brand awareness, all while letting light pass through. We’ve even got you covered for doodle-friendly windows, so you can draw your own skylines and sunsets. We’ll manage the whole project, from start to finish, even if you’re on the exact opposite side of the world from us (though that’s in the middle of the Indian Ocean, so glass may not be your first concern).

Privacy Films

Not to be confused with privacy movies – we’re artists, after all. Jokes aside, we offer an extensive variety of films with special abilities, such as bright colours, one-way visibility, and UV protection. Great for shared spaces, areas with sensitive storage, or drab rooms in need of some hue infusion.

Cost-effective and budget-conscious folks need not be afraid – this is an inexpensive option that’s good for you, too.

Bespoke Privacy Films (Optically Clear)

These customized films take the base model to the next level, adding bespoke gradient, opacity, and design capabilities suited to your exact needs, all in high-definition polyester. Available in full digital, CMYK colours and pure white, these films appear edgeless in their application and minimize the ‘pick factor’ associated with most window coverings.

WriteAway Block-out

WriteAway is the next generation of dry erase, which attach to surfaces, like glass and windows, with special pressure-sensitive adhesive. You can choose from more than 50 standard and custom colours, specify different colours inside a single application of film, or even put your own digital designs right on the material before installation. If you like, you can get a complete block-out option for 100% privacy across the windows, ensuring the teams next door can’t copy your world-changing ideas.

WriteAway arrives with a 10-year anti-ghosting warranty, so you won’t have to perform annual seances to get rid of old to-do lists that were left up a little too long. Just use a little soap and water, and voila! – a clean WriteAway, right away.