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We do more than reclaiming plain panes, wasted walls, and whiteboard ghosts. Like any good designers, we put the “fun” in “functional office case-goods and modular furniture that transform any space from boring to bumpin’” too.

Break the mold and show off what makes you unique with these workspace applications of our technology and graphics. We’ll manage your entire project, anywhere in the world, from idea to installation, all while delivering precise results to meet your schedules. (Just remember, you’ll be spending a lot of time telling your visitors where you got such cool stuff, so maybe jot some notes on a cue card.)


As inventions of the science performed right here in our own labs, our WriteAway solutions are staunch anti-ghost advocates. That’s why each one has a 10-year anti-ghosting warranty – leaving you with nothing but a sparkling, spirit-free surface after every cleaning. Choose the colour you want from our standard selection, or do a short run of custom shades perfectly suited to your space. Before you know it, you’ll be moving away from page margin sketches and onto the pro doodling circuit.

The clear finish that makes WriteAway possible can also be applied to laminates and lacquered veneer, extending the range of available surfaces to utilize. Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll find a way to make it happen.


For eye-popping accents that really elevate a space, ChromaLuxe offers incredible durability and high-definition CMYK colours infused directly onto sublimitable panels of wood, metal, and plastic. Still not convinced? A ChromaLuxe design carries a 55 year warranty, which really speaks to the quality involved (plus, if yours accidentally gets cursed, you can safely bequeath it to your least-favourite relative with no issues whatsoever).

This is a great choice for millwork, case-goods, and table-top applications within a space.


The WallPen is a portable, convenient, and incredibly capable vertical wall printer, able to put your digital designs in CMYK colours onto any texture or surface up to a height of 4 m (13 ft). It uses eco-friendly ink delivered at a deliciously high-def 720 dpi, and can be used not only on glass, stone, cement, plaster, and other common materials, but also on unique furniture elements like fabric or leather.

There’s more to the world than bland, stiff, cookie-cutter chairs and furniture. Unleash your creative capabilities and inner interior designer with the WallPen.

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